May 092017

Our 2018 SWC will be in Albuquerque New Mexico from June 12th – 15th.  Registration per member BEFORE January 1st 2018 is $95.  This includes the Banquet Dinner .  A guest Banquet Dinner is $45.  After January 1, 2018 Registration goes to $125.  It’s NEVER too early to register.  Below is the registration form and the two flyers giving more information on the Hotel.


Jun 132013

The 2014 SWC will be in Loveland, Colorado hosted by CO IX.  The host Hotel is the Embassy Suites in Loveland.  Early Bird rates are $127 nightly single or double occupancy until April 15th.  After April 15th the rates go up to $147.  Early Bird registration is $110 until April 15th.  After April 15th registration is $125.  Spouse registration is $42.  This is for the Banquet dinner.  More Information will be added later.

You can now go online to their Web Page and register if you do not want to mail in your registration form.

Here are flyers and a Registration Form for the 2014 SWC.

2014 SWC Flyer – 1
2014 SWC Flyer – 2
Hotel Reg Form Info
Updated Registration
Thank You Sponsors – Bike Rentals

Nov 082012

The 2013 SWC will again be at Big Bear Lake from June 5 – 9.  Many of you will remember that we had our 2007 SWC at Big Bear.  Well the Northwoods Resort is again our host hotel and they are giving us the 2007 rates of $89 for our rooms on Thursday and Friday and $99 for Saturday and Sunday.  Those of you who went before will remember the  great time and many great rides.  Believe me this is truly a great place to have our SWC.  For more information and registration form you can got to SWC 2013.  For more information on the hotel you can go here:  Northwoods Resort.

Tentative Itinerary during the 2013 Convention

The 2013 International Convention will be held in Hot Springs, Arkansas July 14 – 19, 2013.  It will be hosted by BK AR IV. Registration for the full week is $95.  You can fill in your registration HERE online and print it out to mail in.  This form is in PDF format but you can fill it in on-line.

The host hotel is the Arlington Resort Hotel & Spa.  Room rates for the Arlington are $92 for single $102 for double.


Sep 152012

The 2013 SWC will again be at Big Bear Lake from June 5 – 9.  Many of you will remember that we had our 2007 SWC at Big Bear.  Well the Northwoods Resort is again our host hotel and they are giving us the 2007 rates of $89 for our rooms on Thursday and Friday and $99 for Saturday and Sunday.  Those of you who went before will remember the  great time and many great rides.  Believe me this is truly a great place to have our SWC.  For more information and registration form you can got to SWC 2013.  For more information on the hotel you can go here:  Northwoods Resort.

Jul 302011

The 2012 Joint Southwest/West Coast Conference will occur on June 17-21, 2012. It will be starting in Provo, then travel to Torrey, and end in Bryce, UT.  Note that the price will rise as it gets closer to the conference.

2012 SWC Registration form

The cost includes: Hosted dinner Sunday night, catered lunch enroute Torrey & Bryce Canyon, Banquet, ride shirt & hospitality suite.

Take special note that early hotel registration in Torrey, UT is vital. The town is quite small with very limited rooms available.

It is VITAL that all Southwest Chapter Presidents plan on attending the conference business meeting as this will be an election year.

How to Book Blocked Rooms at Bryce View Lodge:

To book the rooms in the block we hope you will utilize our on-line booking system. First of all go to the website Put in the dates for the block of rooms that has been set up. In the field that says “Special Rates” choose Group/Block and in the blank put the code BK. This code is specific to your group and only works for the web. This then will show you the available rooms for your group. If you wish to call in, ask for the name of the block: Blue Knights Group.


June 16th – Check in at Provo, UT

June 17th – Meetings (Southwest Business & Presidents Meeting) & Day rides

June 18th – Day rides

June 19th – Ride to Torrey, UT

June 20th – Ride to Bryce Canyon, Banquet & Western Show

Provo Marriott will be $82.00/night
(they will extend the rate for several days each way)

(801) 377-4700 code: blublua

Torrey will be $76.00 per night.

(435) 425-3761

Bryce View Lodge will be $79.00 per night

(435) 834-5180 (888) 279-2304 Toll Free

Jul 032011

(footnote – due to all the photos they are listed in “Photos” at the top of our page, titled 2011 SWC Convention Prescott, AZ)

It has been a hectic couple of weeks since the SWC Convention, but I wanted to give the membership an update concerning  the activities and discussions at the SWC meetings.

First, I was in my riding suit, helmet on, Patti had the car loaded and was pulling out of the driveway since at the end of the convention I was going for a week’s motorcycling with a buddy. When I turned the ignition key on, it went “Click.” Good thing it was under warranty. It did delay our departure for Prescott, but thank you Lord, I was still in the garage, not on the road somewhere. Got the replacement battery and we left for Prescott around 1500 with 106 degrees in the air. Passed through Phoenix at 110 degrees and landed at the Prescott Resort at 1930, rather than the 1430 we had originally planned. After checking in, we were able to visit the Hospitality Room-Granite Mountain Room, on the main floor, partially register and purchased some raffle tickets. I also learned about the day of meetings that were in store for Friday. I needed to be back in the Granite Mountain Room at 0800 to complete my registration and obtain a schedule for convention events. Friday morning Patti accompanied me to the Granite Mountain Room with our chapter memorabilia to set up a table to greet people and possibly sell our wares. The first meeting of the day was the Membership Meeting, Verde Room, which allowed all those in attendance to gather. SWC Chairman, Guy O’Connor presided and opened the meeting leading us in the Pledge Allegiance. Our International President, Bob Flanagan and our International Secretary, Jack Kaylor, were able to attend the SWC Convention. Guy welcomed everyone and gave an overview of the the convention. Wednesday had been Registration and Hospitality Room, no formal convention activities. Thursday had been more Registration, Hospitality Room and Self Guided Rides day, no formal convention activities. It would be a full day Friday, starting with the Membership Meeting, 0900-1200, a break for lunch, the Safety Meeting, 1300-1500, and then the President’s Meeting, 1500-1700. After that introduction, he asked that each President, or Chapter Representative, come to the mic, introduce our selves and talk about what our chapter has done over the past year. When it was my turn, they started with Arizona chapters, I talked about our chapter breakfast and dinner rides and the recruiting pamphlets that we have distributed to local and Federal law enforcement establishments. I was then able to talk about our up to date, inter-active website that our Webmaster and Secretary/Treasurer, Ron Friend, was able to set up with the assistance, guidance and instruction, from a fellow LEO, at a substantial savings in comparison to on-going technical support organizations. I was also able to discuss our exceptional online voting, which allowed all members the opportunity to vote from a computer, rather than having to appear at a particular place at a particular time. We have had inquiries from the SWC Board about the procedures and International has great interest in developing voting procedures similar to ours. The online voting saved our chapter considerable time and funds. Likewise it would save the SWC and International considerable funds and time, in addition to more efficient process. When I concluded, Jack Aarsvold, SWC Secretary, AZVI Secretary, told everyone at the meeting that if they hadn’t visited our website, they should take a look, as he felt it was one of the best he has seen in the Blue Knights organization. Rich and Debbie Fancher, Bill and Jacqueline Daily, Mike Martin, from Sacramento, Patti and I had lunch in Bucky’s Cafe in the casino. Then Patti went back to selling items and I attended the Safety Meeting in the same room. One of the principles the Blue Knights were established on were was promoting motorcycle safety. We all need to to remember some basic safety issues when motorcycling. Being a retired TPD Motor Officer, Motors Instructor and 20 year Motorcycle Safety Foundation Instructor, retired, I can attest to the importance of checking our riding equipment and riding gear. A quick review of the agenda includes checking tires, wheels, cables, bolts, screws, fasteners, lights, signals, horn and fluids, to include fuel. They emphasized the importance of riding gear, helmets, long pants, long sleeves, gloves, eye protection and over the ankle boots. I would encourage armored pants and jacket, ventilated for summer riding. Then it was onto the President’s Meeting, so all Chapter Presidents and Proxies were present along with the SWC Chairman and Asst. SWC West-Glenn Carpenter. The International President, Bob Flanagan, was present. First the welcome and the assurance that the SWC was there to assist the conference chapters. Chapter Procedures were discussed, which included Elections, Arrest(s), Disciplinary Actions/Suspensions/Appeals, and Chapter Fund expenditures. The discussion of elections procedures was an important issue and I was asked about a little more detail concerning our innovative online voting. There were several chapters that had disciplinary problems during the past year. A Colorado chapter lost its charter, because it failed to comply with International Bylaws and failed to discipline a member. Several chapters had to discipline chapter officers for unauthorized expenditure of chapter funds. It was stressed that chapter procedures need to be in place to handle such disciplinary situations. It was also emphasized that inappropriate behavior of members should be directly dealt with and if necessary they should be suspended until all complaints and appeals have been adjudicated, especially if they are officers of the chapter. Next on the agenda was discussion of Recruitment techniques. Our recruitment posters were discussed and everyone really enjoyed the humorous one. The SWC has a DVD available for chapters and International offers $500 to the Conferences to be dispersed to chapters for recruitment. I had applied to the SWC for a portion of the International Grant money for our website and posters. A little more detailed discussion developed concerning websites, elections and PayPal for registrations and chapter stores. Again our chapter was discussed as being in the forefront concerning our up to date website, online voting, and online chapter memorabilia ordering procedures. I was proud of that fact and our chapter’s progressive, innovative foresight. I sold a couple of things between meetings, but in all Patti sold the majority of the $440 of chapter merchandise that was sold. I took Patti to dinner at the Red Lobster that evening. Saturday was an open day and Patti and I had a spirited ride to Jerome. We walked around there to see the town and had a nice lunch at the “Mile High Cafe.” On the way back to Prescott we rode through the Granite Dells on several side roads, besides the main road. Saturday concluded with the Banquet. Guy O’Connor was the MC and the DPS Chaplin gave the prayer before dinner. We had a chapter table and the food was really good. It was Rich Fancher’s birthday and it couldn’t have worked out better. Rich was on the phone, as his son had called to wish him a Happy Birthday and Rich got called as the winner of the 50/50 drawing for $150. Patti and I won some small raffle prizes and the evening concluded with some great conversation.

Sunday morning I headed toward Gallop, NM to meet my riding buddy for the ride on to Red River, NM, the Enchanted Circle and the Vietnam War Memorial in Angel Fire.

Stan Thibaut

President BKAZIX