Nov 082012

The 2013 SWC will again be at Big Bear Lake from June 5 – 9.  Many of you will remember that we had our 2007 SWC at Big Bear.  Well the Northwoods Resort is again our host hotel and they are giving us the 2007 rates of $89 for our rooms on Thursday and Friday and $99 for Saturday and Sunday.  Those of you who went before will remember the  great time and many great rides.  Believe me this is truly a great place to have our SWC.  For more information and registration form you can got to SWC 2013.  For more information on the hotel you can go here:  Northwoods Resort.

Tentative Itinerary during the 2013 Convention

The 2013 International Convention will be held in Hot Springs, Arkansas July 14 – 19, 2013.  It will be hosted by BK AR IV. Registration for the full week is $95.  You can fill in your registration HERE online and print it out to mail in.  This form is in PDF format but you can fill it in on-line.

The host hotel is the Arlington Resort Hotel & Spa.  Room rates for the Arlington are $92 for single $102 for double.


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