Oct 082010

This video is the promo for the Blue Knights top Gun Challenge 2010. It was filmed by the Z.E.R.O. Colorado unit. It is the Super Bowl Of Police Motorcycle Obstacle Courses for Police officers to complete in a Fast safe manner without dropping the Bike and knocking over the fewest cones possible in a series of eliminations. The fastest officer with the lowest cones knocked over WINS! There will be another video A LOT better and A BUNCH of Pictures COMING SOON if you would like them we will direct you to the link to get them.

We wish to thank the Blue Knights and all who were there to help us with this Event to be made possible!! charities

Apr 282010

Here are the individual winners (so to speak) of the SPMTC (Southern Police Motorcycle Training Competition) event Sat 04/24/10; of course – ALL of the participants are winners…some were just a LITTLE faster!

KAWASAKI Class: MATT SLAUGHTER, MESA PD  average time 60.2 sec

BMW Class: ANDREW DREXLER, ALBUQUERQUE PD  average time 58.4 sec

HONDA Class: QUINN REDEKER, VENTURA PD  average time 54.3


Class wise – HONDA 1st, BMW 2nd, KAWASAKI 3rd, and HARLEY-DAVIDSON 4th

Don’t have any TEAM competition results; maybe Stan can get them.

Although a TAD slower than the FOREIGN bikes – HARLEY is still the most comfortable machine – in my opinion – to spend 8-10 enforcement/patrol hours a day on! However – my enforcement/patrol was primarily higher speed FREEWAY (no slower speed surface streets/intersections) riding. And – I’m just an old (seriously) school traditional American made, American look, style, & sound motor officer of years long gone! Glad to see LVPD still believes in the HARLEY product; and boy – those LVPD guys are REALLY good considering the HD size and weight factor! And of course – the FOREIGN bikes can whip HD big time in the quickness and top speed category!

Apr 242010

On Saturday April 24, 2010 TPD hosted the annual Motors Competions at Park Place Mall.  Blue knight members present were Alan & Brenda Berry, Harry Barden, Norm & Mary Hubbard, Jack & Tracy Grady, Twan Van der Sanden, Mark Robinson, Ray Gedney, Vic Paladini, our own president, Stan Thibaut, who was one of the judges, and former members Don Langoni and Mike “Watash” Walters.

Apr 152010

This years TPD Motors Competition will be held @ Park Place Mall, eastside behind LA Fitness on Saturday April 24, 2010.

All judges will be former TPD Motor Officers, either retired, or presently in another assignment within TPD.

The Opening Ceremony will be between about 0700. The competition should start around 0745.

It will be all day with each event running simultaneously, rather than the old way of one at a time. The competition will probably run until approximately 15:30 – 15:45.

They will have event T-shirts, ballcaps and TPD Motors Challenge Coins for sale with the proceeds going to help support The Special Olympics.