Apr 282010

Here are the individual winners (so to speak) of the SPMTC (Southern Police Motorcycle Training Competition) event Sat 04/24/10; of course – ALL of the participants are winners…some were just a LITTLE faster!

KAWASAKI Class: MATT SLAUGHTER, MESA PD  average time 60.2 sec

BMW Class: ANDREW DREXLER, ALBUQUERQUE PD  average time 58.4 sec

HONDA Class: QUINN REDEKER, VENTURA PD  average time 54.3


Class wise – HONDA 1st, BMW 2nd, KAWASAKI 3rd, and HARLEY-DAVIDSON 4th

Don’t have any TEAM competition results; maybe Stan can get them.

Although a TAD slower than the FOREIGN bikes – HARLEY is still the most comfortable machine – in my opinion – to spend 8-10 enforcement/patrol hours a day on! However – my enforcement/patrol was primarily higher speed FREEWAY (no slower speed surface streets/intersections) riding. And – I’m just an old (seriously) school traditional American made, American look, style, & sound motor officer of years long gone! Glad to see LVPD still believes in the HARLEY product; and boy – those LVPD guys are REALLY good considering the HD size and weight factor! And of course – the FOREIGN bikes can whip HD big time in the quickness and top speed category!

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