May 282023

On Saturday May 27th Carl Lewis put together a ride to honor Patrick Hardesty and Eric Hite who were killed in the line of duty on May 26, 2003 and June 2, 2008 respectively. Riding today were members from various Law Enforcement Agencies and friends. We met at the Patrick Hardesty Substation on 22nd and Alvernon. From there we traveled up to Old Spanish Trail to Eric Hite Family Park to meet more riders. On to Houghton Road south to Sahuarita Rd, east to Hwy 82 to Sonoita. Once in Sonoita we stopped at Copper Brothel Brewery for lunch and conversations. Once lunch was over we all headed back home. Here are a few photos from the ride.

May 142023

On Saturday May 13th in lieu of our monthly breakfast ride Carl Lewis had a Together Again Ride for Stan & Mike.  Riding today were Patti, Brad & Marsha, Ken, Scott, and yours truly along with fellow officers and friends of Mike & Stan.  We met at the Substation on Golf Links.  After normal chatter we had a briefing on the ride and a short prayer was said by Stan’s wife Patti we departed for Sandy’s in Elfrida, a favorite ride destination for Mike & Stan.  Down Houghton Rd to Sonoita Hwy for a quick stop @ Mustang Corners for a top off of tanks. On to Hwy 90 and through Tombstone to Gleeson.  IN Gleeson we stopped at the old Jail & Sheriff’s office.  From there we headed to Sandy’s in Elfrida a popular destination for Stan & Mikes to do lunch.  After a wonderful lunch and everyone had their fill it was off to home destinations.  Here are some pictures of the days ride.


Apr 152023

On Saturday April 8th we had our monthly breakfast ride.  This month we returned to KG’s once again.  In attendance were Alan & Susan, Terry, Ken, and yours truly.  Here are a few pictures of the gathering:


Mar 122023

On Saturday March 11th we ate at the Egg Connection on Ft. Lowell.  This was our first adventure to their place of business.  The Pueblo Riders were there as well having breakfast.  On this ride there were Alan & Susan, Bill (Rev), Bruce, Ken, and yours truly.  Here is a pictures of the group:

Jan 222023

On Saturday December 10th BKAZIX had our monthly Chapter Breakfast Ride.  This month we went to the Sunny Daze Cafe4980 S Campbell Ave.  Our attendees for this month were Bill (Rev), Alan & Susan, Ken McCoy, Robi & Bear Campbell, and of course yours truly.  Before breakfast we were treated to Sunny Daze Cafe’s favorite Sunny Puffs, aka Beignets.  Here are a few pictures from Saturday’s breakfast:


Oct 292022

On Friday October 28th myself, Carl Lewis and several LEO’s made a Memorial Ride to honor Barry Headrick and Jim Smith who passed on this date in 1974 and 1980 respectfully.  

Officer James Anthony Smith | Tucson Police Department, Arizona  Officer Barry W. Headricks | Tucson Police Department, Arizona

We met at the Valero gas Station on Oracle Road where we continued on to Irene’s in Globe.  Four bikes with five riders departed for Globe.  We met three more riders  @ Irene’s.  After a great Mexican food lunch we all split up and headed back toward Tucson in different directions.

Here are a few pictures from the ride:


Sep 082022

On Wednesday September 7th 15 riders met at Viv’s Café on Catalina Highway for breakfast and a ride up Mt. Lemmon to Sky Valley to honor fallen Officer Robert Cummins.  Those from BKAZIX were Alan Stewart, Susan Wagner, new Member Brad Atkinson & his wife Marcia, and your truly.  During breakfast we heard “Someone’s bike just fell over.”  We got up and looked and sure enough Alan Stewart’s BMW was on its side.  Apparently a P/U who was parked next to him cut to soon when backing out and clipped Alan’s bike.  It scraped his crash bars, pushed bar into the engine block and dented it, only with a few other things.  After getting all of the information Alan returned to finish breakfast.  Once breakfast was over 11 bikes with 13 riders headed up Catalina Highway for  Ski Valley.  Once at the top we pulled into the parking lot of the Iron Door and chatted for awhile.  We looked at the damage done to Alan’s bike along with normal bike talk.  It was a balmy 70 degree at the top of Mt. Lemmon.  One by one people slowly broke up and rode back home.  When I got to the bottom of Catalina highway the temperature was 95.  By the time I made it back to the NW Side of Tucson it was 102.  All in all it was a great day for a ride to honor Officer Robert Cummins.  Below are the pictures of the days activities.

Jul 262022

On Tuesday July 26th Carl, Tony, Jill, Jim, Mike, Lee, and yours truly had a ride for Officer William Katzenstein who died on this date in 1902.  Here are some statistics from his fateful date.

On July 26, 1902, the Tucson Fire Department lost its first member in the line of duty.  Between 11:00 pm and midnight there was a fire in a store on South Meyer Avenue, near Broadway Boulevard.  Officer William Katzenstein was on patrol nearby when he heard the alarm alerting the citizens of fire.  He rushed to the scene, as did hundreds of other people.  Officer Katzenstein had to physically prevent people from taking objects from the store and kept them back from the fire.  Officer Katzenstein was also the Assistant Fire Chief, so he went to the “Occidental” and removed his gun and left it with the clerk.  He then went to the corner of Broadway and Meyer and began opening the fireplug.  It was at this time that Theodoro Elias moved up behind Officer Katzenstein.  Elias had been stalking the officer for some time because he had arrested his friend some five weeks earlier. 

Just a few hours before the fire, Elias had wagered with several of his companions that Katzenstein would be dead before midnight.  Elias saw that Officer Katzenstein had removed his gun and Elias fired two shots. The first shot hit Officer Katzenstein in the ear and dazed him.  He fell to the ground, but got back up.  He had no weapon to defend himself and Elias fired again, striking Katzenstein just beneath the right eye.  He fell to the ground and died in the arms of a doctor who was only ten feet away when the shots were fired.  Elias was pursued from the scene and captured on the steps of the courthouse. 

Officer Katzenstein was an officer with the Tucson Police Department for two years and a member of the Tucson Volunteer Fire Department for four years.  He was survived by his wife and daughter.