Jul 012011

The Sturgis Rally for 2011 will be held from August 8th – August 14th.


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Norm Nestlerode has provided me with information on lodging while in Sturgis.  See the flyers below.  The flyers are from last year but I am sure they are just the same this year.



Schedule of Events

Aug 202010

Norm Nestlerode, his son-in-law, and a few of their friends went to Sturgis.  Since there are 107 photos to display that is too many to put in this post.  To view these photos go to the “Photo Gallery”.  There you will find the photos of Sturgis.

For those that didn’t make the trip please enjoy the pics. The trip was great and filled with the normal bumps. I found out the heritage soft tail doesn’t need any extra oil. Just outside of of Arizona the soft tail started to miss, upon getting into Colo I decided to check the plugs. Not good on the front barrel. After watching my son-in-law pull over with very little power I pulled out “the” kit and did a Nascar pit move and pulled both plugs. Front plug couldn’t see the gap at all but the rear was better. With the plugs changed power came back and we made to a bike shop in Colo Springs. Of course the Harley shop was closed it was Monday. Anyway the shop we went to the head mechanic took one look and proceeded to remove a cup of oil out of the bike and told me to have the top end looked at when I get back to Az but that the bike would be fine to complete the trip just take a few extra plugs. He was nice enough not to call me a dumb ass. Enough of that we continued to Cheyenne to meet up with the Nevada crew. We continued to the Black Hills, estimated 750,000 bikes. I don’t think they were far off.

Once in Sturgis it was rides all over and lots of bikes to go with it. On the ride to Custard’s Park I was just sitting waiting at a stop sign watching the bikes that were turning left and what would my eyes see but a lady wearing a smile and body paint, you can imagine I took a double take, yep she was just wearing paint. We continued the ride and I came upon a buffalo who wanted to get a closer look at the War Wagon, I took the picture and sped off. Great riding and lots of company. I might add no rain at Sturgis. The only rain came when my son-in-law was riding up to Sturgis. Anyway, later that night in downtown Sturgis I found the shop responsible for the great art work, needless to say I think I found my calling. An artist with an air brush will travel. The ladies were lined up to get painted. What a Country. Of course anything dealing with bikes were there and food everywhere.

The trip was great and as with great trips it had to come to an end. We all made it back in good shape, the bike is in for a top end seal job, me on my way for a MRI on my left shoulder.

All was great. I think there are plans being put together for next year. Care care and keep the rubber on the road.

Jul 152010

Once again the Sturgis Rally is rapidly approaching.  This year it runs from August 9 – 15, 2010.

Click on the below listed link to get all the information from housing rentals, motorcycle rentals, directions, nearby airports to fly into, to a list of all the events.

Sturgis 2010 Travel

You can also click the link below and go directly to the Sturgis Homepage.  Here you can see main street in 2009 plus tons of pictures from 2009.

Sturgis 2010 Homepage