Nov 142020

On Saturday November 11th a few of the Blue Knights got together and did a lunch ride to the Copper Brothel Brewery in Sonoita.  Those who made the ride were Steve E., Terry A., Ken McC., Scott V., a friend of Terry’s named Rick, and yours truly.  After a great ride out I-10 Ken & I met up with the rest of the group at AZ 83.  Then on down to Sonoita we went.  When we got there we were NOT alone.  I counted a total of 25 motorcycles in the parking lot including ours.  There were members of ALR 123, 109, 23, and probably a few I missed.  After a great lunch and dessert Ken, Steve, and I headed west on 82 while Terry and his friends headed east on 83 to make a loop back to Vail.  Here are a few pictures of our afternoon lunch.


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