Apr 212013

Well the 2013 SW Police M/C Competition is history.  This year there were over 115 motorcycles competing from around the southwest area.  We had motorcycles from Ventura, San Diego, Chula Vista, Ca.  We also saw Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Las Cruces, N.M.   From Arizona was Apache Junction, Marana, U of A PD, TPD, DPS and many more that I can’t remember.  There were Kawasakis, Road Kings, Ultra Classics, BMW’s, Honda ST 1300’s, and Victory’s to name a few of the different bikes there.

Norm Hubbard and I were judges for the Blue Knights.  We arrived @ 6:00 am on Saturday and finally left @ 3:00 pm.  Stan & Patti Thibaut came out to watch for a while as did Mike Martin and Frank LaVia.  Stan & Patti couldn’t stay to long since Stan is still recuperating.  Norm and I were judging the M/C competition part.  This involved the riders going through courses starting with; The Sickle, Off-set Cone Weave, 1800 Decel, Intersection (1), Single 360, Intersection (2), The Harp, Slow Cone Weave, Double 360, and finally the Stop Box.  All of this was timed from the moment you started.  Most of these runs were done in under 60 seconds.  There were several bikes that went down in trying to negotiate these tight turns.  These are tight turns and you are trying to have the best time possible.

Officers could also compete in Slow Ride, Pair Riding, and Team Riding.  There was one unfortunate event in the Team Riding.  Once of the Officers, (not sure where he was from), went down.  His bike came down on his leg and the last we heard was he had a broken leg.  No word yet what the outcome was.

I posted some pictures under the “Photos” tab for you to look at.  Hopefully I will get some more photos, along with a complete list of all the riders, where they were from as well as their final scores.  Maybe I will get a video or two of the riders in action.

All of the proceeds from this event went to the “Special Olympics.”

2013 score keeping

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