Apr 142013

We had a rather good turnout this month at the Vail Steakhouse.  A total of 17 members, family and friends made breakfast.  We even got to see our fearless leader Stan, who was able to make it.  Those who made the ride were:  Jeff & Kelli Jamieson, Frank & Kate Brunetti, Terry, George (Bud) Welch, Mike & Tamara Leeper, Alan Stewart & Susan Wagner, Stan & Patti Thibaut, Will Harris, Larry Harris, Mike Martin, Bev and yours truly.  A long time member also was there, Patrick Scherden.  While Patrick did not join us for breakfast, he was registering people for the Poker Run, he did come in and meet the members.  After breakfast Mike Martin, Bev and I went on the Chris Nason Poker Run.  This run took you to the HD shop in Tombstone and several other stops before ending @ the Peacock Restaurant in Sierra Vista.  Beverley actually one a door prize of a droid phone cover.  Unfortunately she does not have a droid phone.  Here are a few pictures from breakfast and the Poker Run:

4-13-13 - 01 4-13-13 - 02 4-13-13 - 03 4-13-13 - 04 4-13-13 - 05 4-13-13 - 06







Bikes - 01 Bikes - 02 Mike & Bev Riders - 01 Riders - 02

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