Jan 152012

Well we had our first breakfast ride for 2012.  Those who made the ride this month were; John Howe, Mark Robinson, Will Hanson, Will Harris, John Falzone and his wife Garnetta, Terry, Bev, and Twan.  Also in attendance was our good friends from Willcox.  Dale Davis and his wife Violet came with their daughter Brittany and son-in-law Kevin Kirkland. Kevin and Brittany also brought along their 7 week old baby.  Dale used to work for BOP in Willcox before transferring to Florida and Georgia.  He has since retired and returned to the Willcox area and rejoined our chapter.  His son-in-law Kevin is one of our newest members.  He and his wife live in El Paso, Texas.  Kevin is an MP at Fort Bliss.  Also making our breakfast  was Stan and Patti Thibaut.

Below are a few pictures.

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