Feb 132012

We had our monthly breakfast ride on Saturday February 11th at the Vail Steakhouse.  Those who made the ride were:  Stan, Terry, Twan and his friends from work, Brenda & Chuck, Bob & Rusty Ness, Norm Hubbard, Brenda Berry, Susan Wagner, Alan Stewart and their son, Juan Gracia and his son.  Also in attendance was Vinson Holck and his wife.  Unfortunately no pictures were taken that day.  After breakfast Stan and Twan headed south down 83 across Sahuarita Rd., and down to Green Valley. They then went west on Continental Rd and north on Mission Rd.  When we got to Ajo Rd, we went west to Kinney Rd, then up to Gates Pass Rd and back to Tucson.

A bunch of other members went on the Centennial Ride.

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