Sep 292010

Driving to work in the morning can be a tedious and annoying affair. At least, we imagine it is, since we are chained to the wall of a basement staring at a computer screen for 23.5 hours per day. One vehicle that can make any commute quicker is a motorcycle… perhaps even a stupid-fast literbike like the Yamaha R1.

Combine a rider with a need for death speed, a 25-mile commute through Russian traffic and a powerful two-wheeled samurai sword, and you get a video showing the “quick” way to work. Sometimes this two-wheeler even becomes a one-wheeler as rare empty stretches of road disappear when the nose goes skyward.

According to our tipster Andy (Thanks!), the title translates to “A couple minutes of my life could be more interesting than the whole life of the other people.” It’s certainly interesting, but we prefer pushing vehicles to our limit on a track. Regardless, the music choice is excellent and the riding would make Trinity jealous. We don’t condone this type of action, but that doesn’t mean we can’t all check out the video, which you can watch after the jump.

I could name a few people who could do some of the same stuff.  However, maybe not in this kind of traffic.


  One Response to “Moscow Motorcyclist’s Crazy High-Speed Commute”

  1. This is a very stupid and idiotic thing to do. But damn if it isn’t freaking cool to watch.

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