Sep 212010
Written by Taryn Kukucka
Thursday, 05 August 2010 08:49
With the new plans to increase sales, Harley-Davidson will eliminate the production and sales of sidecars. I know you’re all very disappointed since sidecars are such a hot addition to your motorcycle, but there just isn’t a demand in the market for them anymore.Harley first released the sidecar to customers back in 1914 as a solution to transporting belongings without having to sacrifice riding your motorcycle. It’s also a spot for another passenger to ride in or even a dog if you really need to. But I’m sure everyone would agree that sidecars aren’t that great of an addition to a Harley, which is probably why you rarely see em attached to many bikes. Financially, this is a great move on the manufacturer’s part to cut costs where money isn’t generating.It seems as though Harley really is taking their new marketing plan seriously, and hoping to bring a new wave of motorcycle buyers.

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