Nov 032010

The subject of how to get a profile picture on this web site came up at dinner the other night.  Apparently there is no option in each of our user profiles to do this.  The fix is simple.  Visit and click on “Get Gravatar Today”.  When prompted for an email address, use the email address you use on your profile for this web site.  The Gravatar site will send you a message and the rest should be self explanatory.

If you run into any issues, post a comment and we will get it sorted out.


Apr 282010

A photo gallery has been implemented on the web site.  Currently there are three photo galleries up, but more will be following shortly, so stay tuned.

If you have any issues with the gallery, please leave a comment below.  If you have some photos you would like to share, please feel free to send them to the web master for review and inclusion into the gallery.

Apr 272010

Blue Knights Shopping Cart

The Blue Knights Store page has been overhauled and is now complete with brand new photos of each store item.

As with most photos posted on this web site, by clicking on each photo, you will be presented with a larger photo showing more detail of each of the displayed store items.

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Apr 132010

The Blue Knights Arizona Chapter IX is currently undergoing a site redesign.  Please stay tuned for upcoming news and most likely, a flurry of changes.

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