Dec 182018

On Saturday December 15th we had our Annual Christmas Party.  Once again the Rev and his wife Antje graciously opened their home once again to host our Party.  This year we had an awesome turnout, 19 members and family were able to attend our dinner.  Those in attendance were; Frank & Kate B., Stan & Patti T., Robi & Bear C., Alan & Susan S., Bob W. from OR II & Debi K., John J. & Patti H., Ken & Mary M., Terry A., Gary A., the Rev & his wife Antje, and of course yours truly.  Everyone arrive and we had appetizers before sitting down to a lovely dinner where many of the guests brought side dishes.  We had a traditional Ham and yours truly deep fried a Turkey.  Unfortunately I didn’t get the Turkey in the fryer early enough so the turkey was more a dessert.  However it was done & juicy.

After dinner we all sat down for the “White Elephant” gift exchange.  There were some traditional gifts and some on the bizarre side as well.  We’ve all seen the gift that say “batteries not included,” well someone boxed a gift of “batteries” and enclosed it with “Gift Not Included.”  However it was all in fun and I think everyone enjoyed themselves.  Below are pictures from the nights festivities;


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