Dec 032017

On Saturday December 2nd we had an impromptu breakfast ride.  On this ride we had Norm N., Pat S, Bruce D., Twan & yours truly.  Both Bruce and Patrick rode up from Green Valley.  We had decided to take a ride to Fitz’s Cafe in Queens Valley.  We departed and headed up 77 to 79 where we drove through the Historic town of Florence in Pinal County.  It should be called Penal County with all their prisons.  They have a city jail, State Prison, Federal Prison, and the Department of Homeland Security Detention Facility.  From there we head to US 60 where we crossed over 60 and went through some one-up back desert roads to get to Fitz’s Cafe & Pit Stop.  We enjoyed a great breakfast and talked with the locals.  The waitress told us that they actually close up in April after all the snowbirds leave for the summer.  The locals all ride around in ATV’s and golf carts.  They even rent ATV’s in Queens Valley.  We then departed Fitz’s and went out the front way back to US 60.  From there we went east to Superior and 177 where we headed south through the Asarco Ray Mine in Kearny, Hayden, and then a stop in Winkelman for fuel.  Then we headed back down 77 toward home.  We passed through Dudleyville.  We all parted ways after turning on La Canada from Tangerine.  Here are a few pictures of the riders, rides, and the restaurant.


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