Aug 132017

Our monthly breakfast ride was held at the Vail Steakhouse this month.  Those in attendance were; Stan, Mel & Marsha, John, Jim, Al, Bud, and Terry. 

After breakfast Stan, John, and Bud took a ride.  Here is a synopsis of their ride as written by Stan. 

We had a small group for breakfast. Afterward John Bud, and I took a ride. We rode south on the Sonoita Highway. We rode west on 82 through Patagonia, continuing to W River Rd. We went north to Via Frontera, then west on Ruby Rd to I-19. We headed north on 19 and stopped at the Rest Area north of Arivaca Junction. It was a good place to stop for a talk before we continued to Tucson. John said it was the longest ride he has been on since he had been plagued with back and shoulder problems. It was good to see him enjoying the ride. John and I were going to head east on Sahuarita Rd to Houghton Rd, then north for home. Bud was going to continue north on I-19 to head home and parted ways at the Sahuarita Rd exit. John dropped off Houghton Rd at Golf Links and when I arrived at home, I had ridden 164 miles that morning. I am sure Bud had ridden many more than that. 

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