Jul 242016

BK AZ VI has setup the FIRST “Annual November Knights” this coming November 18 – 20.  This is going to be similar to our yearly Palm Springs Ride.

Here are the details from Mike Romero.

The “official” dates are from Friday the 18th thru Sunday the 20th.  It would be just like Palm Springs in that Sunday would probably be a breakfast together and then everyone goes their own way back home.  However, I have gotten the hotel to extend our rate for Thursday the 17th and Sunday the 20th as well.  So if someone wanted to come in on Thursday afternoon, they would get our rate.  If someone wanted to stay Sunday night and not check out until Monday, they would get our rate.  I have booked a room for all four nights.

I believe Thursday night will be Bike Night at Westgate and I believe some of the folks are coming in Thursday as opposed to Friday, so we may plan a ride that day.  If enough folks want to stay Sunday, we will plan a ride for Sunday as well.  Also, we are looking to have a dinner at one of the restaurants at Westgate on Saturday night.  It’s walking distance from the hotel and that way anyone that wants a drink or two doesn’t have to worry.

Here is a link with all the info.  It’ll be much like Palm Springs in that there is no fee to attend and there is no agenda.  My chapter is having our monthly meeting early Saturday morning and all are welcome to attend.  But it’s just to get together and “shoot the shit”, go on rides, have dinner together, etc.

First Annual November Knights

Greetings all,

AZ VI is hosting a get together in November.  We would love to see as many of you attend and share in fun that this event will surely be.  For more info, click on the link below and if you still have questions, reply to me,

Hope to see you all in November!
Michael A Romero
President BK AZ VI

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