Mar 262016

I just wanted to send out a short note that we had a pretty good turnout for our March dinner ride even if it was on the WRONG Tuesday of the month.  I inadvertently schedule it for the fourth Tuesday when it is supposed to be the LAST Tuesday of the month.  However that being said Bari – Robi and their friend Lee, Frank & Kate, Bruce & Bonnie, Mel & Marsha, Alan & Susan, and yours truly made the dinner ride.  I unfortunately was under the weather so I stay just to take pictures and say hello.  I have a terrible sinus infection which comes upon me about once a year and it has taken hold.

Here are a few pictures.

Trident Grill 3-22-16- 001   Trident Grill 3-22-16- 002   Trident Grill 3-22-16- 003

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