Dec 132014

Well we had our monthly breakfast ride today on 12/13/14.  Not too often you get the month, day, and year in sequential order like that.  Anyway we met at Old Times Cafe for our monthly breakfast.  Even with the in-climate weather we had 14 members and family come for breakfast.  We even had one brave soul, Bud Welch, ride his Victory in the rain.  As we were looking over the breakfast menu they have a breakfast challenge for the competitive eaters.  There is a TWENTY-FOUR egg omelet that includes one meat, one vegetable, one cheese, two pieces of toast and one beverage.  If you can eat this behemoth within one hour it is free.  If not it will cost you a hefty $24 price tag.  There is NO SHARING and you cannot buy it as a group to split.  It is only as a challenge for one person to try and eat.

Those who made the ride today were; Frank & Kate Brunetti, Norm & Mary Hubbard, Stan Thibaut, Jeff & Kelli Jamieson, Pat Shely, Duane Lewis, Bob Ferrier, Bud Welch, Bob & Rusty Ness, and yours truly.  It has been quite sometime but it was really great to see Bob and Rusty make the ride up from Patagonia.  It is always a treat to see our dear friends Bob & Rusty.  Below are some pictures of our members.

Breakfast Ride 12-13-14-01 Breakfast Ride 12-13-14-02 Breakfast Ride 12-13-14-03 Breakfast Ride 12-13-14-04 Breakfast Ride 12-13-14-05 Breakfast Ride 12-13-14-06 Breakfast Ride 12-13-14-07

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