May 302013

Well we had our monthly dinner ride at the Native New Yorker on Speedway & Country Club.  We had a really good turnout with fifteen members, family and friends making the ride.  Those who were up for the ride were: John & Garnetta Falzone and their son John, Steve Matthews, Dave Lehman, Frank & Kate Brunetti, Ray & Donna Valenzuela, Susan Wagner, Stan & Patti Thibaut, Bev, myself, and last but not least our newest member Lee Thomet and his fiance Pam.  There was a lot of good conversation and really good food.  It is a nice place if you ever want to stop by for dinner.  Here are a few pictures of the evening.
Dinner 5-28-13-01 Dinner 5-28-13-02 Dinner 5-28-13-03 Dinner 5-28-13-04 Dinner 5-28-13-05

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