Mar 272013

WOW what can I say.  We had one of our best turnouts in quite some time.  A total of 22 members, family, and friends made our monthly dinner ride this month to Chad’s.  There must be something about Chad’s since we always have a great turnout there.  Some of our members came from Vail and Green Valley.  Those who made the dinner ride were:

Stan & Patti Thibaut, Ray & Donna Valenzuela, Frank & Kate Brunetti, Alan Stewart & Susan Wagner, Steve Kelley, Patrick Shely, Norm & Mary Hubbard, Stewart Van Kirk and Judy Sable, Jeff & Kelli Jamieson, Kelli’s aunt and uncle Orville & Robert Hamburg, Beverly O’Donnell and yours truly.  We also had our NEWEST member Ernie & Priscilla Wolf.  Ernie & Priscilla just moved here from Colorado.  They are having a house built in Saddle Brook.  They belonged to Colorado 1.  Here are a few photos:

03-26-13-01 03-26-13-02 03-26-13-03 03-26-13-04

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