Mar 102013

Well another month has come and gone as well as our monthly breakfast ride.  We had a good turnout this month even if the weather was a little inclement.  A total of 15 members and family made the ride.  Those who made the ride were:  Stan & Patti Thibaut, Russ & Jackie Cole, Norm Hubbard, long lost Twan & Fonda, Pat Shely, Mike & Tamara Leeper, our old friend Terry who was the only one on two wheels, our newest member Stewart Van Kirk, almost member George (Bud) Welch, and finally Bev and myself.  Here are a few pictures.

Breakfast Ride 3-9-13-01 Breakfast Ride 3-9-13-02 Breakfast Ride 3-9-13-03            Breakfast Ride 3-9-13-04

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