Dec 052012

Well our 2012 Christmas Party is now history.  Here is a little note from Stan and a few pictures.  Those who made the party were: Stan & Patti Thibaut, Twan & Fonda Van der Sanden, Ray & Donna Valenzuela, Bill (Rev) & Antje Calkins, Jeff & Kelly Jamieson, Will & Gisele Harris, and of course Alan Stewart & Susan Wagner.

After some very good food, dessert and conversation, we then had the usual gift exchange. We all got our numbers and had a good time while the gifts were picked out. There were a few folks that liked what someone else got, so there were a few take a ways. Even though the Rev ended up with the tea set that Patti and I brought as one of our gifts, he decided that one of their granddaughters would really like it. It was a very nice evening and we all appreciated Susan and Alan opening their home to us again. We all wished each other Merry Christmas and went on our ways.

2012 Xmas – 1

2012 Xmas – 2

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