Apr 012012

Well the SABBAR Shrine Motorcycles had their yearly Poker Run for charity.  I am not sure how many people were in attendance but you can see by the pictures there were quite a few.  While I did not win the high hand, 4’s full 3’s, second hand 3’s full 10’s, or low hand A, 2, 3, 4, 7 I did my usual and won a few things.

I won:

1. $15 gift certificate for Olde Timers Cafe
2. $25 gift certificate Cycle, Ski, and ATV’s
3. one pr of Gel riding gloves
4. one XL T-shirt.

AND most importantly my streak still continues  I won the 50/50 of $189.  I even told several people that I was going to win the 50/50.  I wish I was this lucky in the lottery.  Here are a few pictures of the bikes and some of the people who attended.


Riders - 01

Riders - 02

V-8 Trike

purple trike

Can Am Spider

Tri Glide

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