Jan 312012

Well our annual Palm Springs Ride for 2012 is history.  A total of approximately 60 riders made it to Palm Springs this year.  We had members from El Paso, New Mexico, Colorado, Las Vegas, Arizona, and southern California.  We even had one member who used to be a member in CA VI who moved to Tennessee.  He made the ride all the way to Palm Springs.

At breakfast on Friday morning I met our newest member Russ Cole and his fiancée Jacqueline, Bill, Rev, Calkins, Norm Nestlerode, and John Howe.  After breakfast Russ and Jackie departed for home.  They are getting married on Super Bowl weekend so they could not ride along.  The rest of us, Bill, Norm, John, and me headed west for Gila Bend.  Bill had to break off @ Toltec because he had other plans for the day.  We got to Gila Bend and gassed up.  John and Norm decided to follow me on to Yuma since I was going a new route thanks to Norm Hubbard’s recommendations.  Norm and John also wanted to hit the new Harley Davidson dealer in Yuma.  I took them to the Harley dealer and then I continued on to Palm Springs.

I continued on I-8 into California where I found that ANY motor vehicle towing a trailer is NOT allowed to legally go over 55 mph.  While this was a slow speed for me it did increase my mph on the Gold Wing.  I got off at exit 111 in El Centro and headed north on S30.  I followed this to Westmorland where I turned north on to route 111.  This took me right along the Salton Sea through Rancho Mirage on to Palm Springs.  I arrived in Palm Springs @ 3:30 pm. local time.  After checking in I met up and reconnected with old friends from the SWC.

At 6:00 pm. We all headed across the street to the “Cowboy Way.”  The Cowboy Way is a Bar-B-Que place that we frequent when we are in town.  There were a total of 40 of us.  We took up the entire restaurant.  IF any locals or other tourists came in the only place they could sit was at the bar.  Additionally there were only TWO yes two waitresses.  They were no rattled at all.  They provided great service and we all got our food timely and hot.

After dinner many of us went back to the hotel and sat out by the pool.  It was a great time to sit and reflect on what has been going on.  Buster Hummel and Gaye were also there.  AS many of you may remember it was this time last year when Buster and Gaye had their accident.  Buster is doing great.  He still has to use a cane to get around but under the circumstances that is nothing.

Saturday morning everyone has a continental breakfast.  After breakfast everyone went on different rides for the day.  There was the Air Museum, Tram, an old ghost town called “Pioneer Town”, and the ride to Julian.  I opted to ride to Julian with 7 other bikes and one car.  The ride up highway 74 toward Julian started out great.  The weather in Palm Springs was 74o when we left.  However along the way up the temperature dropped as low as 54o.  When we got to Julian we had to find places to park.  This is tourist season and Julian showed it.  There were lots of motorcycles as well as cars throughout the town.  We stopped at the favorite shop for lunch.  Of course what would lunch be without topping it off with hot homemade pie and ice cream?  After departing Julian it was back down the mountain.  About half way down the mountain we stopped in a small town called Anza for a fuel stop.  Once gassed up we were off to Palm Springs.

Saturday night we all went to dinner, this time next door to The Cowboy Way was Billy Reeds.  Billy Reeds is a Steakhouse.  This time we made reservations for 40.  However the restaurant could not accommodate that many sitting together so we were seated throughout the restaurant.

Again after dinner we all headed back to the hotel to the pool area where we did what cops do best, drink and tell war stories.

Sunday morning we had breakfast at a new location which happened to be directly next door.  This was a restaurant/diner called, “Ricks.”  Ricks serves breakfast but they normally do not have Buffets.  However due to the large crowd he offered to give us a full Buffet in a private room for $10 per person which included tip.  This was a great buffet which I know we will do from now on every year we come to Palm Springs.  After breakfast everyone said their goodbyes and we all started out trek back to our home destination.  After a long ride home, with a stop @ Dateland of a date shake, and 1, 097 miles I made it home safe and sound.

For a look at all the pictures, you can go to the “Gallery” at the top of the page.  I’ve grouped all the photos based on the different activities.

I’m looking forward to next year already.  Hope to see you there.

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