Dec 042011

Well we had our 2011 Christmas Dinner on Saturday December 3rd.  This was a Pot Luck at Alan Stewart & Susan Wagner’s house.  This was the third time they have had us in their home.

Those who made the festivities were: Ray & Donna Valenzuela, Jeff & Kelly Jamieson, Rich & Deb Fancher, Bill & Antje Calkins, Will & Karla Hanson, Bill & Jackie Daily, Stan & Patti Thibaut, Norm Hubbard, Will & Gisele Harris, myself & Bev, and of course Alan & Susan. Bill & Jackie Daily traveled all the way from Strawberry, AZ.

The gift exchange was a hoot.  If you have never done one of these it is really fun.  Sometimes called a Chinese gift exchange it is simple.  Everyone gets a number based on the number of gifts and guests.  The person with number 1 starts.  After number 1 goes then number 2.  However number 2 can steal number 1’s gift or pick an unknown.  Then number 3 goes.  Number 3 can pick a wrapped gift or steal number 1 or number 2’s gift.  This goes on and on.  The only stipulation is that a gift can only be stolen twice.  If a gift is stolen then the person who had their gift stolen can steal someone else’s or pick a new unwrapped gift.  There was a gingerbread house, lottery tickets, Elvis Presley coasters, bar-b-que utensils, farting Santa, stuffed toys, light toilet seat (you have to see to believe) and much, much more.

I started the turkey around 5:00 pm.  Many who came had never had a deep fried turkey before.  You can see the pictures from when I put it in and after taking it out.  Because there were so many pictures taken during the party I’ve broken down the photos into four separate albums.

Deep Fried Turkey



Gift Exchange

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