Aug 152011

Here is a report from our President on our monthly breakfast ride @ the Vail Steakhouse.

Sorry no one took pictures. I forgot my camera and was having a good time talking with a possible new member, Rick Hartigan He is a retired TPD sergeant that I worked for in Motors. Then we went on a good ride for lunch.

In attendance-*Myself, Norm Hubbard, Alan Stewart & *Susan Wagner, Alan & Brenda Berry, Rick Hartigan, Twan Van Der Sanden, *Will Hanson, *Steve Mathews, *Jeff & Kelly Jamieson they brought another possible member-, Will Harris & Gisselle (fiance)Will lives by Jeff & Kelly, *Dave Lehman

After breakfast those with asterisks by their name went on a nice ride. Norm led us on I-10 to Twin Peaks exit, then to Tangerine Rd and up to Catalina. Twan dropped off in Oro Valley. We rode 77 through Mammoth and stopped at Winkelman for something to drink. While there we decided we would stop for lunch at the Cadillac Chaparral Restaurant on the Pinal Pioneer Highway. We rode from Winkelman to Superior, then headed west to Florence Junction. We turned south through Florence and stopped for a nice lunch. Those, who hadn’t been there before, were surprised at how reasonable the prices were there. If it were closer I know I would eat there more often. We continued to Oracle Junction and headed south toward Tucson. It was a nice day for a ride with friends.




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