May 072011

Have you ever heard of ICE, In Case of Emergency? ICE is a contact name you put in your cell phone. What you do is create a contact with the name ICE. Then you put in the phone number of someone who knows your medical history and someone who you would want called in the event you were injured in an accident, whether it be in a car or on a motorcycle.

Now comes the Utag ICE digital Dog Tag available from UTAGICE. This system has three options, a credit card, bracelet, or ID chain. All incorporate a jump drive with a USB port so you can enter all your vital information, ie, allergies, medications, doctors names, and all your medical information. In the event you are in an accident the EMTS/doctors can get the help you need immediately.

As well as all medical information there is a security area where I have details of Passport, Mot, Insurance and Driving Licence details.

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