May 042011

As you may know, May is National Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Month, Drivers should be especially cautious with literally millions licensed motorcyclists in the United States. Many of our cities and towns are issuing “proclamations”. Please encourage your local chapters to participate in these activities, if at all possible. This is an excellent opportunity to bridge the gap between vehicle drivers and motorcyclist in an extremely positive way.

Click on this link-

Motorcycle Accident to see the perils of an inattentive driver getting too close to a motorcyclist.

Most motorcycle insurance companies offer a 5 to 20 percent discount for taking the safety course.  Please encourage our members to get properly trained and licensed; wear all protective gear including a DOT-approved helmet; and avoid alcohol or drug use when operating your motorcycle.

This link is an interview with the motorcycle rider if anyone is interested.


Ride With Pride

Stan Thibaut
President BKAZIX

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