Oct 262010

Now is the time to choose the officials who will run Blue Knights on your behalf.  As the ballots come to your homes, please take the time to properly research each candidate’s past accomplishments and to vote.

I am asking for your support to re-elect me as your International President.  When I am re-elected I will continue my work with the International Board to make this the best motorcycle club in the world.   We have worked very well together during my tenure as your International President and I want it to continue.  I think the Board has and can accomplish a lot of good for the organization, and so can I.  With your support in my re-election we can continue to steer your club in the direction you would like.

As your 18th International President we have accomplished quite a bit.  We have better relationships with the European Conference and the United Kingdom and Ireland Conference.  I have worked to make them feel more a part of the BK organization and I will continue to do so.

I also paid attention to the rest of the Conferences and attended the International conventions.  I took International information to the members, and listened to their comments and concerns, and to the best of my ability, I took their comments and concerns forward for action.

We are giving back to the organization with the creation and implementation of the BK Scholarship Fund.  Our new and improved web site is up and running with more and more information each day.  Your BK News is a magazine to be proud of; now with better color photos and more information for all BK’s.  It also continues to improve.

We have a new alternative to the light blue vest – it’s a darker shade of blue.  I see this assisting with the recruitment of younger, new members and a way of maybe someday getting all BK’s in blue.

We continue to fight against the Outlaw Motorcycle Gang (OMG) image that some organizations continue to portray us as.  I will do what it takes to make everyone within the law enforcement community and the general public know we are the good guys.

When I am re-elected with your support, we will continue to have fun and get back to what Blue Knights were started for:  a fraternal, social club of law enforcement personnel, whose membership loves motorcycling.

I will continue to fight the OMG image with the assistance of the BK members;  Especially, with those who have been denied membership in anti-OMG enforcement sections and denied participation in law enforcement conferences because of their membership in the Blue Knights.

I will work to work to recruit younger members.  We are all getting older and should consider the future. We need younger members to pass the torch to, so Blue Knights continues and grows.

I will continue to give back to the organization as I have to date.  Some of the ideas I want to work on are: increasing the scholarship fund payouts or providing more scholarships; increasing the availability of more International sales items at the international office; putting in place modern, easier ways to
purchase these items; improving effective communication throughout the organization; and encouraging major event hosts to not schedule their events on the same weekend.

I want everyone to remember that it is not the color of the vest that you wear, but what is in your heart, that counts.  We are all Blue Knights!  I will continue to encourage the International Board to put aside all personal issues and work together for the betterment of the organization.  As a true BK once
told me, “We can all argue and disagree, but what counts is that we are all still friends and Blue Knights when it is done.”

Remember to vote!
Ride with Pride
Dave Mulford IA III
International President

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