Aug 022010

Board of Governors Meeting:

There was a proposal on the Agenda to expand the Special Fund to include a spouse or S/O riding their own motorcycle to be included. This by-law change would require a 2/3’s majority vote to go into effect. With 126 chapters represented, there was a clear majority, but not the required 2/3’s. Motion failed as written. The main point of discussion was the definition of significant other.

BOG Elections:

Current board re-elected. We thank Ont. IV Pres. Pam Carleton for running for Secretary and IN XIII Pres. Glen Wheat for running for Vice-Chairman.

2011 Int’l Convention: The Virginia V chapter put on a great presentation regarding the Convention in the Virginia Beach area.

2012 Convention – With only one bid, TX XXXIV will host the party in Tyler, Texas. It will be the 4th week of July instead of the 3rd week.

The Convention Committee took input on ideas should no chapter bid to host an International Convention.

It was announced that there is a form for the “Special Fund” on the International Website under “Board of Governors”.

A manual for chapter Presidents will be mailed with the Renewal Package each year. BOG Officers Bob Seelye and Jimmy Schneider provided input to this manual.

At the time of the conventional, the Special Fund had already paid out seven Claims this year. There was one accident on the way to Int’l that involved the spouse of a member on their own m/c. There were two more accidents involving members on their way home. Those involved in the accidents were from ND I, MA XIV and MO I.

General Membership Meeting:

President Mulford displayed a dark blue vest that may be for sale soon to the membership.

Under Legal Updates, it was announced that Pat Griffin has a pending lawsuit against the club.

International Candidates running for office addressed the membership.

Reports were received from all committees and Conference Reps.

There were 68 applicants for the Scholarship. Five names were drawn.

Board of Directors Meeting:

A motion was passed to distribute a “Manual for Chapter Presidents” each year with the chapter renewal package.

Int’l Secretary Candidate Mike Scarbough was determined to have not properly met the requirements in filing for the position.

I will try to get the winners of the BOG Awards out tomorrow. RWP.

Bob Seelye, Chairman

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