Jul 302010

To All Members,

On July 31st and at the end of every month you will receive an email showing you the last 10 posts from the Web Page.  At least I hope you will receive it.  The end of each month this message will go out and you will see what has been going on and hopefully where the next months dinner ride will be.  This is of course assuming there has been a place picked for the upcoming month.  For now I am trying it on a monthly basis.

You have the option to OPT OUT if you choose not to receive this monthly email.  It is at the bottom of the email you received

I am also thinking of doing a weekly version.

If you would like it weekly I can set it up for you to receive it weekly.  You also can OPT OUT of the weekly at any time.

You can comment to this email and tell me that you would like to have the weekly and/or monthly or OPT OUT of either.

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