May 182016

We had a pretty good turnout for our May breakfast ride to the Vail Steakhouse.  Even four of our members who just got back from the SWC made breakfast after a grueling 110 degree ride back home to Tucson.  Those who were at breakfast were; Stan, Alan & Susan, Frank & Kate, Paul & Debbie, John Falzone, Ed, Al, Bruce, and our newest member Ken McCoy.  Ken is retired from Pima Cty.  Here are a few pictures.

BKAZIX Breakfast -05-14-16-001_resize  BKAZIX Breakfast -05-14-16-002_resize  BKAZIX Breakfast -05-14-16-003_resize  BKAZIX Breakfast -05-14-16-005_resizeBKAZIX Breakfast -05-14-16-004_resize

Apr 282016

WOW what a great turnout we had for our April dinner ride @ Famous Dave’s.  Sixteen members and family made it a memorable night.  Those who made the ride were;  Bear & Robi, Rev & Antje, Alan & Susan, Stan & Patti, Mel & Marsha, Bruce & Bonni, Jim, Al who brought along a potential new member Mike Lehnus, and of course yours truly.  Here are a few pictures of everyone enjoying the evening.

DSC05420 DSC05421 DSC05422 DSC05423 Dinner Ride 4-26-16-14 DSC05425

Apr 112016

On Saturday April 9th the following people met at the Sky Rider Cafe @ Marana Airport for breakfast, Bud, Rev, Frank & Kate, Bruce & Bonni, Stan, Russ, and yours truly.  After breakfast Stan, Bud, Russ and myself went to Kitt Peak.  I made it to the base but didn’t ride up due to my neck issues.

Mar 262016

I just wanted to send out a short note that we had a pretty good turnout for our March dinner ride even if it was on the WRONG Tuesday of the month.  I inadvertently schedule it for the fourth Tuesday when it is supposed to be the LAST Tuesday of the month.  However that being said Bari – Robi and their friend Lee, Frank & Kate, Bruce & Bonnie, Mel & Marsha, Alan & Susan, and yours truly made the dinner ride.  I unfortunately was under the weather so I stay just to take pictures and say hello.  I have a terrible sinus infection which comes upon me about once a year and it has taken hold.

Here are a few pictures.

Trident Grill 3-22-16- 001   Trident Grill 3-22-16- 002   Trident Grill 3-22-16- 003

Mar 042016

On March 1st we had a Birthday Ride for Bill Calkins.  We meet @ Oracle & McGee Chevron and departed for Globe to meet up with a BK Member from Alberta V Rick Brown and his wife Ruth in Superior.  Rick & Ruth are staying Mesa in an RV Park.  They towed their 2016 Indian Roadmaster behind the RV.  Those who were at the Chevron were Stan Thibaut, Mick, Mike Proctor, Susan Wagner, Alan Stewart, Bil Calkins, John Chruscinski, Bruce Distler, and yours truly.  When we arrived in Winkleman we found out that US 60 was closed to traffic east and west do to dynamiting the highway during the morning hours.  We contacted Rick who drove down to Winkleman to meet us there.  Once there off we went up AZ 77 to Globe.  After a few wrong turns and finding restaurants closed we settled in @ El Rey’s Reynosa in Globe.  We were able to sit out side to enjoy the great Arizona weather and good Mexican fare.  After lunch we all headed back west toward 177 and Superior.  From there Rick & Ruth headed back to Mesa along with John.  The rest of us went down 177 back through Kearny and Winkleman and headed to our respective homes.  Here are photos from the ride.

Birthday Ride-001 Birthday Ride-002 Birthday Ride-006 Birthday Ride-007 Birthday Ride-009 Birthday Ride-010 Birthday Ride-011 Birthday Ride-012 Birthday Ride-013