Aug 162016

We had a pretty nice turnout for our monthly breakfast ride for August.  Those who made the ride were;  Stan & Patti Thibaut, Bud Welch, Terry, Bob Ferrier, John Howe, Norm & Mary Hubbard, Mike Stoddard, Twan, Frank & Kate Brunetti, Bruce Distler, Jim Kneup, Alan Stewart, and our newest member Dave Wilson.   Here is a group photo at breakfast.


Jul 302016

We had our monthly dinner ride at Rancho Rustico and while we did not have a lot of members make dinner we did have our two newest members come,  Jay Ohlensehlen, and Dave Wilson.  Those members who also made the ride were:  Stan & Patti Thibaut, Mel & Marsha Tillet, and Bruce & Bonnie Distler.  Here are a few pictures.

Dinner ride 7-26-16-001   Dinner ride 7-26-16-002   Dinner ride 7-26-16-003

Jul 092016

We had a really good turnout at our monthly breakfast for July @ Sunny Daze Cafe.  Here is a list of those who made our breakfast; Alan Stewart and Susan Wagner, Norm Nestlerode, Bud Welch, Frank Brunetti, Terry, Mike Stoddard, John Howe, Jeff & Kelly Jamieson, Bob Ferrier, Jim Kneup, Russ Cole and his friend Darth Tesinsky, Barry & Robi Campbell.  Here area few pictures of our chapter members.

BKAZIX - 01_resize BKAZIX - 02_resize

May 182016

We had a pretty good turnout for our May breakfast ride to the Vail Steakhouse.  Even four of our members who just got back from the SWC made breakfast after a grueling 110 degree ride back home to Tucson.  Those who were at breakfast were; Stan, Alan & Susan, Frank & Kate, Paul & Debbie, John Falzone, Ed, Al, Bruce, and our newest member Ken McCoy.  Ken is retired from Pima Cty.  Here are a few pictures.

BKAZIX Breakfast -05-14-16-001_resize  BKAZIX Breakfast -05-14-16-002_resize  BKAZIX Breakfast -05-14-16-003_resize  BKAZIX Breakfast -05-14-16-005_resizeBKAZIX Breakfast -05-14-16-004_resize

Apr 282016

WOW what a great turnout we had for our April dinner ride @ Famous Dave’s.  Sixteen members and family made it a memorable night.  Those who made the ride were;  Bear & Robi, Rev & Antje, Alan & Susan, Stan & Patti, Mel & Marsha, Bruce & Bonni, Jim, Al who brought along a potential new member Mike Lehnus, and of course yours truly.  Here are a few pictures of everyone enjoying the evening.

DSC05420 DSC05421 DSC05422 DSC05423 Dinner Ride 4-26-16-14 DSC05425

Apr 112016

On Saturday April 9th the following people met at the Sky Rider Cafe @ Marana Airport for breakfast, Bud, Rev, Frank & Kate, Bruce & Bonni, Stan, Russ, and yours truly.  After breakfast Stan, Bud, Russ and myself went to Kitt Peak.  I made it to the base but didn’t ride up due to my neck issues.