Mar 142015

We had a very good turnout this month for our monthly breakfast ride.  We had a total of fourteen members and family for breakfast.  Those who made the ride were; Jim Kneup, Dan Thrasher, Terry, Bill “Rev” Calkins, “John Wayne” McQuay, John Howe, Twan Van Der Sanden, Frank Brunetti, John Falzone, Bruce & Bonnie Distler, Bear & Robi Campbell, and yours truly.  It was good seeing some familiar but old faces who have not made any rides lately.  After breakfast Jim, Bruce, Dan Bear, John Wayne, and myself headed for a short ride up to Mt. Lemmon.  Several of these guys have never been so it would be a nice ride.  We started out with a balmy 75 degrees.  By the time we reached Ski Valley it was a chilly 52 degrees.  We walked around the area watching the chair lift in operation.  Jim decided to head down the mountain while Dan, Bear, Bruce, and I explored Summerhaven.  After a short ride through Summerhaven we headed back down the mountain toward our respective homes.  Here are a few breakfast photos and some from Mt. Lemmon.

breakfast - 01  breakfast - 02  breakfast - 03  breakfast - 04

breakfast - 05  Mount Lemmon - 01  Mount Lemmon - 02

Feb 262015

nWell another dinner ride is in the books.  We had our monthly dinner ride in February to Chuy’s on Ina Road.  This month brought out some of our newest members and oldest.  Those who made the diner ride were; Stan & Patti Thibuat, Ernie & Priscilla Wolf, Bud Welch, Ray & Donna Valenzuela, Frank & Kate Brunetti, Randy & Cindy Palmer, Bruce & Bonnie Distler, Barry (Bear & Robi Campbell, Rich Fancher and yours truly.  All toll we had 17 members and family attend our dinner ride.  Here are a few pictures.

Dinner 2-24-15- 01 Dinner 2-24-15- 02

Dinner 2-24-15- 03 Dinner 2-24-15- 04

Feb 152015

Well our Valentines day breakfast is over and history.  We had a GREAT turnout this month.  This breakfast even brought out some of our long lost members.  A total of 17 members and family made the ride.  Those who joined us for breakfast were; Jim Kneup, Frank & Kate Brunetti, John Falzone, John Howe, Mike Stoddard, Norm Nestlerode, Norm & Mary Hubbard, Russ & Jackie Cole, Stan & Patti Thibaut, Terry, and Bruce & Bonnie Distler, who were celebrating 34 years of marriage.  After enjoying a wonderful breakfast at the Vail Steakhouse several of us took a short ride/detour to Green Valley by way of Wentworth and Sahuarita Road.  However once on Sahuarita Road we had to make and unexpected stop.  One of our Harley riders, we won’t mention names, had inadvertently activated his road hazard lights only to find he didn’t know how to turn them off.  After consulting his manual, every H-D rider has one, he was able to turn off the road hazard lights and we continued our ride to Green Valley and back to Tucson.  Here are a few pictures of those who made the Valentines Day breakfast.

Brkfst 2-14-15-01  Brkfst 2-14-15-02  Brkfst 2-14-15-03

Brkfst 2-14-15-05  Brkfst 2-14-15-07  Brkfst 2-14-15-08

Jan 302015

Our monthly dinner ride for January was at Fuddruckers on Speedway.  We had a good turnout.  We even had Al Tomlinson from Bisbee make the ride to join us.  Those in attendance were; Rich & Debbie Fancher, Jon McQuay, Al Tomlinson, Stan & Patti Thibaut, Bud Welch, Randy & Cindi Palmer, and yours truly.  Here are a few pictures.

Fuddruckers 1-27-15- 01 Fuddruckers 1-27-15- 02 Fuddruckers 1-27-15- 03 Fuddruckers 1-27-15- 04

Jan 272015

Well our annual ride to Palm Springs is history for another year.  This year was our largest turnout yet.  Over 100 members, family, and friends made the ride to Palm Spring.  We did have a few members from our chapter, Jim Kneup, Frank Brunetti, Bob Ferrier, Mike Schultz, John Chruscincki, his friend Susan Baldwin, and yours truly.  There was a lot of good chats and renewed friendships from members we may have not seen for a year.  There were also a lot of different rides and things to do.  The Palm Springs Aerial Tram was a popular excursion this year as was Julian.  Here are a few pictures of the trip.

DSC03760_resizeDSC03756_resizeDSC03750_resizeDSC03745_resizeDSC03716_resizeDSC03712_resizeDSC03706_resizeDSC03705_resizeWaiting for the TramTramFrank and BobBreakfastBikes

Jan 222015

On Sunday January 18th Bob Ness was baptized at the Sonoita Bible Church.  Besides his friends, family, and Retreads some of his fellow Blue Knights also made the trip.  Those who were there were: Bud Welch, Susan Wagner, Jim Kneup, Stan Thibaut, Rev, Ed Saffold, and myself.  Here are a few pictures of the festivities.

Bob Ness 1-18-2015 - 09  Bob Ness 1-18-2015 - 14  Bob Ness 1-18-2015 - 15 Bob Ness 1-18-2015 - 17  Bob Ness 1-18-2015 - 19

Jan 112015

On Saturday we had our monthly breakfast.  This month we chose Old Chicago Deli in Green Valley.  What a great turnout we had this month with 18 members and family making the trip to Green Valley.  Joining us on Saturday was Frank & Kate Brunetti, Jeff & Kellie Jamieson, Bud Welch, Randy & Cindy Palmer, Jim Kneup, Pat Shely who brought along our newest member Bruce Distler, Bob Ferrier, Terry, Duane Lewis, Bob & Rusty Ness, Rich & Debbie Fancher and finally yours truly.  There was great conversations among everyone and we also discussed Bob’s upcoming Baptism on Sunday January 18th.  Here are a few pictures of our BK Family.

Breakfast 01-10-15-01   Breakfast 01-10-15-02   Breakfast 01-10-15-03

Dec 312014

On Tuesday we had our monthly dinner ride to Thunder Canyon Brewery in the Foothills Mall.  We had a rather good turnout where thirteen members and family came to join us for dinner.  Those in attendance were: Jim & Barb Kneup, Ray & Donna Valenzuela, Alan Stewart and his wife Susan Wagner, Stan & Patti Thibaut, Frank & Kate Brunetti, George “Bud ” Welch, Mark Maisto, and yours truly.  Here are a few pictures of our members at dinner.

Dinner 12-30-14-01 Dinner 12-30-14-03

Dec 242014

I was recently contacted through our Web Page by a Blue Knight from Quebec Canada, Tony Berardiucci, QC XIII.  He was staying in Mesa during his trip around the US.  He was driving his truck towing his Yamaha Venture behind.  I provided him with the other Arizona Chapters so he might be able to connect with other BK’s in Arizona.  We met at Picacho Peak Travel Center on Moday 12/29 and decided to take a little ride.  We departed there and headed back into Tucson.  We exited @ Tangerine and went to Oracle Rd., Rt.  77, where we headed north.  Heading north we went past Catalina, the Biosphere, and into Winkelman where we stopped for gas.  From there we headed NE through Kearny and Hayden past the open pit mines to US 60.  We stopped at the Visitors Center which is an old Red Caboose.  From there we continued east until I departed, heading south at Rt 79 back to Tucson while he continued on to Mesa.  We had great weather and a very nice ride of over 250 miles.  On Tuesday he met with the Blue Knights from Prescott.  Below are a few pictures from his meeting with them.

Prescott - 01 Prescott - 02 Prescott - 03 Tony - QC XIII

Dec 132014

Well we had our monthly breakfast ride today on 12/13/14.  Not too often you get the month, day, and year in sequential order like that.  Anyway we met at Old Times Cafe for our monthly breakfast.  Even with the in-climate weather we had 14 members and family come for breakfast.  We even had one brave soul, Bud Welch, ride his Victory in the rain.  As we were looking over the breakfast menu they have a breakfast challenge for the competitive eaters.  There is a TWENTY-FOUR egg omelet that includes one meat, one vegetable, one cheese, two pieces of toast and one beverage.  If you can eat this behemoth within one hour it is free.  If not it will cost you a hefty $24 price tag.  There is NO SHARING and you cannot buy it as a group to split.  It is only as a challenge for one person to try and eat.

Those who made the ride today were; Frank & Kate Brunetti, Norm & Mary Hubbard, Stan Thibaut, Jeff & Kelli Jamieson, Pat Shely, Duane Lewis, Bob Ferrier, Bud Welch, Bob & Rusty Ness, and yours truly.  It has been quite sometime but it was really great to see Bob and Rusty make the ride up from Patagonia.  It is always a treat to see our dear friends Bob & Rusty.  Below are some pictures of our members.

Breakfast Ride 12-13-14-01 Breakfast Ride 12-13-14-02 Breakfast Ride 12-13-14-03 Breakfast Ride 12-13-14-04 Breakfast Ride 12-13-14-05 Breakfast Ride 12-13-14-06 Breakfast Ride 12-13-14-07