Nov 082014

We had a GREAT turnout for our November breakfast @ Sky Riders Cafe at the Marana Airport.  A total of 17 members, family and friends made the trip.  Those who made the ride were:  Randy & Cindi Palmer, Jim Kneup, Norm & Mary Hubbard, Terry, Russ & Jackie Cole, Jeff & Kelly Jamieson, Frank & Kate Brunetti, Mike Leeper, Bill Calkins, our newest members Bob Ferrier & Al Tomlinson, and myself.  There was great conversation meeting our new members.  After breakfast a few of us road through Sandario and through the mountains to Ina Rd.  Here are a few pictures.

BK Brkfst 11-08-14-01 BK Brkfst 11-08-14-02 BK Brkfst 11-08-14-03 BK Brkfst 11-08-14-04 BK Brkfst 11-08-14-05

Nov 042014

Our annual pancake breakfast was held again at the Rev’s home.  We had a very nice turnout.  Those in attendance were, Jeff & Kelli Jamieson, Norm and Mary Hubbard, Frank & Kate Brunetti, Jan Blaser-Upchurch, Stan & Patti Thibaut, Twan and Fonda Van Der Sanden, Jim Kneup, and of course Bill & Antje Calkins.  Here are a few pictures of those who made it.

Breakfast - 01 Breakfast - 02 Breakfast - 03 Breakfast - 04 Breakfast - 05 Breakfast - 06

Oct 082014

We had  a great dinner turnout last Tuesday. The members and family that showed up were Jim Kneup, Stan & Patti Thibaut, Alan Stewart and Susan Wagner,  Jeff & Kelli Jamieson, Bob & Rusty Ness, Ray & Donna Valenzuela, Randy & Cindy Palmer,  Stewart Van Kirk & Judy Sable, Ernie & Priscilla Wolf, and Bud Welch.  Here are a few pictures of the people you missed.

Dinner 9-30-13 - 01 Dinner 9-30-13 - 02 Dinner 9-30-13 - 03 Dinner 9-30-13 - 04 Dinner 9-30-13 - 05 Dinner 9-30-13 - 06 Dinner 9-30-13 - 07 Dinner 9-30-13 - 08 Dinner 9-30-13 - 09

Sep 132014

We had 20 people make it for breakfast this morning,   Barbara & Jim Kneup, Pat Shely, Mike Stoddard, Twan Van der Sanden, Rev, Bud Welch, Rusty & Bob Ness, Norm & Mary Hubbard, Mike Leeper, Frank & Kate Brunetti,  Stewart Van Kirk, Larry Harris, Stan Thibaut, Terry Azbill, and not but not least Jeff & Kelly Jamieson.  Here are a few photos of the members.

breakfast - 01 breakfast - 02 breakfast - 03 breakfast - 04 breakfast - 05 breakfast - 06 breakfast - 07 breakfast - 08 breakfast - 09

Aug 192014

Sunday we did a ride to Tombstone, for lunch, and then onto to Patagonia, Nogales, and back into Tucson. Twenty-one folks made the journey to Tombstone.  Big Nose Kate’s took great care of us for lunch.  Those from AZ IX were; Robert Perry,  Jeff and Kelli Jamieson, Frank Brunetti, Mike Schultz and Nita, Bud Welch, and Jim Kneup.  Bud, Mike, and Jim went thru Patagonia and Nogales on their way back into Tucson.

RWP Jim Kneup

Jun 252014

Our monthly dinner ride was at Bubb’s Grub @ 1610 N. Oracle Rd. in Catalina.  Those who made our dinner ride were: Bud Welch. Ernie & Priscilla Wolf, Frank & Kate Brunetti, Ray & Donna Valenzuela, Stewart Van Kirk, Randy & Cindy Palmer, Norm & Mary Hubbard, Jeff & Kelly Jamieson, and Jim Kneup.  Here are a few pictures of those who made the ride:

Dinner 6-24-14 - 01 Dinner 6-24-14 - 02 Dinner 6-24-14 - 03 Dinner 6-24-14 - 04 Dinner 6-24-14 - 05 Dinner 6-24-14 - 06 Dinner 6-24-14 - 07 Dinner 6-24-14 - 08

Jun 152014

Our monthly breakfast ride for June was at the Vail Steakhouse.  As is usual with our Vail breakfast ride we had a good turnout.  Those who made the ride were:

Jim Kneup, Russ Cole, George “Bud” Welch, Stewart Van Kirk, Jeff & Kelly Jamieson,Frank & Kate Brunetti, Donna Valenzuela, Dale Davis, John Howe, Norm Nestlerode, Twan Van der Sanden, Larry Harris, Terry, Norm and Mary Hubbard, John Falzone, Stan Thibaut, Bob & Rusty Ness, and finally Mike & Sylvia Stoddard.  Here are a few pictures.

Breakfast Ride  6-14-14 - 01 Breakfast Ride  6-14-14 - 02

Jun 152014

Well while this is a little late here is a message from our President Jim Kneup on our May dinner ride to Pub 1922 aka Pub 22 on the 27th.

We had a great turnout, me and my wife, Ray & Donna Valenzuela, Frank & Kate Brunetti, Bob & Rusty Ness, Bud Welch, Stewart Van Kirk & Judy Sable, Duane & Ronda Lewis, Will & Giselle Harris, Alan Stewart, Jeff &Kelly Jamieson, Rich Fancher, and Stan & Patti Thibaut.

Here are some pictures to go along;

Dinner 5-27-14 - 01 Dinner 5-27-14 - 02 Dinner 5-27-14 - 03 Dinner 5-27-14 - 04 Dinner 5-27-14 - 05 Dinner 5-27-14 - 06 Dinner 5-27-14 - 07 Dinner 5-27-14 - 09 Dinner 5-27-14 - 10 Dinner 5-27-14 - 11 Dinner 5-27-14 - 12

May 172014

We had a great turnout for our monthly breakfast ride at the Old Time Cafe on May 10th.  Unfortunately I could not make the the ride since I was in Tombstone at a friends wedding.  I do not have the names of the attendees but here are some pictures.  I also understand that there were two potential new members.  If you were there then you know who else was there.

Breakfast 5-10-14-01 Breakfast 5-10-14-02 Breakfast 5-10-14-03 Breakfast 5-10-14-04 Breakfast 5-10-14-05 Breakfast 5-10-14-06 Breakfast 5-10-14-07

May 062014


A Memorial Ride was held for Watash on May 4th starting at Golf Links and Craycroft parking lot.  An Honor Guard presented the colors.  There were many friends and family who attended.  Here are some of the riders; Stone Sober Riders, Bear and Robi, Mike and Patti Davis, Robbin and Brigitte Belknap, Jim Simmons, Kelley Holcomb, Richard and JoAnn Johnson, Ray Rigel, Ron Gogas and Lee Campbell from American Legion Post 131, C.O.B.B., Watash Angels Monk, Terri, Donna, Kit Kat, Shanie, Gloria, Betsy, Wendy, Mom-Gail, Dr. Julie,Ms. Judy and Deborah, Christians for Christ,  Bikers for Christ, Arivaca friends, PCSO, Adult Probation, PGR, the Blue Knights AZ IX members Bill REV Calkins, Norm Nestlerode, Frank Brunetti, Stan Thibaut, Bob & Rusty Ness, Pat Shely, former member Tony Sanell, Watash’s friend Shelly Gowin, two of the nurses from Hospice, and many other friends too numerous to mention.  Also there were many friends who could not make the ride but called with their condolences.  There were over 56 motorcycles and 9 cages who started out from Craycroft and Golf Links parking lot for our first stop at the Longhorn in Arivaca.  Our next stop was the Marley Cattle Company.  From there we went on to the Gadsen Coffee House in Arivaca for a break and more remembrance.  Finally we went to the Community Center in Arivaca for our final stop and remembrance of Watash.  Here we planted a small bush in Watash’s name and spread some more of his ashes along with a concrete block with Watash’s name in glass stones.  After the ceremony we had food and refreshments along with some videos of Watash.  Watash was a prolific photographer who took hundreds and hundreds of pictures of his friends.  There were piles and piles for his friends to pick and choose some so they could remember him for many years to come.

I had added a photo Album with all the pictures from the ride.  You can access them on above under the “Photos” Tab.