Aug 212013

To All,

The August Dinner ride will be at the Claim Jumper, 3761 E. Broadway Blvd. at the usual time of 1830. It is at the east end of the El Con Mall and can be accessed by Dodge Blvd, from E Broadway Blvd., or E 5th St.. The website I have included allows you to look at the menu. It’s monsoon season, so if you don’t trust the weather that day, drive a four wheeled vehicle. Sorry it took so long to get this out, I had family visit from back east and when school started, two very dehydrated kittens were found in the wall near Patti’s classroom at Sunnyside HS and I have been feeding and medicating them since then.

Claim Jumper Menu

Hope to see you there.

Ride With Pride
Stan Thibaut
President BKAZIX

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