Apr 142019

On Saturday April 13th we had our monthly breakfast ride.  This month we went to the “Happy Rooster Cafe” out on S. Sarnoff.  What a great eclectic place.  We had a lot of members show up for this ride.  Those in attendance were:  Terry A., his friend Steve E., John F., John J. H., Bill & Antje C., Mike S., Twan Van., Susan W. & Alan S., Bruce & Bonnie D., and yours truly.  Bruce brought with him news that he decided, or was it Bonnie’s decision, but he now owns a NEW Tri-Glide.  It seems they were at Harley and Bonnie decided to sit on the back seat and I guess it was love at first sight or was it sit.  Either way congratulations on your new addition.  Here are a few pictures from breakfast:


Mar 312019

On Saturday March 30th the Hearts on Wheels held a Charity Event for Detective Mike Torres of the Marana PD.  Mike is suffering from an aggressive form of cancer.  Mike is married to another detective, Meredith, with TPD.  Mike is known for his 3-piece suits, silk ties, and Fedora hats that he wears every day at the office.

82 bikes, and over 125 people registered for this motorcycle ride  Many police officers from agencies around Tucson as well as State and Federal Agencies rode in this event.  From BKAZIX were Paul H, Ken McK., Stan & Patti T, and yours truly.  Our own Stan T. gave a prayer for a safe ride.  Below is the news article from KVOA that was posted that evening:


Also here are a few of the pictures I took until the battery died on my camera.

Mar 282019

WOW what a turnout we had for our monthly dinner ride for March.  We had a total of TWENTY-THREE (23) members and family attend our monthly dinner ride on Tuesday March 26th.  This month our dinner ride was held at the Claim Jumper on Broadway.  Those who made this ride were: Gary A., Lois C. & Bill G.,Debi K. & Bob W. from OR 2, Bruce & Bonnie D., Bear & Robi C., Jim K., Rev Bill C., Stan & Patti T., Paul, Debbie, Allen, Timothy H., Frank B, Ellice T., Alan St & Susan W., and yours truly.  What a great time everyone had at dinner.  Here are a few pictures of the evening:


Mar 092019

On Saturday March 9th we had our monthly breakfast @ Arizona Family Restaurant in Green Valley.  The day started out rather chilly (down right cold really).  It was 38 degrees when I left my house.  For such a chilly morning and riding down to Green Valley we had a total of 15 members and family attending breakfast.  Those in attendance were:  Robi & Bear C., Rev Bill C., Alan Van., Bob F., Ken Mc., Rich F.., Bruce & Bonnie D., Alan S. and Susan W., John H, Twan Van., Chuck F., and yours truly.

Here are a few pictures taken at breakfast:


Mar 092019

On Tuesday the 29th of February we had our monthly dinner ride.  This month our ride was @ Ole Mexican Grill.   In attendance were:  Frank B., Bob W., and Debi K. from OR II, Twan V., Paul Hill, Allen S. and Susan W., Gary A., Bruce & Bonnie D., and your truly. 

Feb 262019

On Saturday February 9th we had our monthly breakfast ride.  This month we went to Sunny Daze Cafe.  We had an above number of members making breakfast this month.  Thirteen members and three guests made the breakfast ride.  Those in attendance were: Twan V., Frank B., Ken Mc., Paul & Debra H., Alan & Susan S., along with their guests Mary J S., and W. K., Timothy, Bill & Antje C., Chuck F., Alan V., and yours truly.



Jan 302019

On Tuesday January 29th BKAZIX met at Famous Daves for our monthly dinner ride.  In attendance were: Frank B., Bob W & Debi K., Twan V., Paul H., Allen S. & Susan W., Gary A., and Bruce & Bonnie D.  We had a great time catching up and reminiscing about old times.  Here are a few pictures of the evening.


Jan 122019

On Saturday January 12th we had our monthly breakfast ride.  This month we we at Old Time Cafe on Prince.  This month 12 members, family, and friends were able to make the ride.  Those in attendance were: Bill G. & Lois C., Frank & Kate B., Twan S., John J. H., Ken Mc., Allen S. & Susan W., Bill & Antje C., and yours truly.  After breakfast Twan led John J. and myself on a short 65 mile ride around town.  We left Old Town headed to Grant, then S. Grande, to Mission, to Kinney, to Ajo, to Twin Peaks, to Tangerine, then to La Canada where we parted ways south of Lambert for each of our homes.  Here are a few pictures of breakfast.



Dec 182018

On Saturday December 15th we had our Annual Christmas Party.  Once again the Rev and his wife Antje graciously opened their home once again to host our Party.  This year we had an awesome turnout, 19 members and family were able to attend our dinner.  Those in attendance were; Frank & Kate B., Stan & Patti T., Robi & Bear C., Alan & Susan S., Bob W. from OR II & Debi K., John J. & Patti H., Ken & Mary M., Terry A., Gary A., the Rev & his wife Antje, and of course yours truly.  Everyone arrive and we had appetizers before sitting down to a lovely dinner where many of the guests brought side dishes.  We had a traditional Ham and yours truly deep fried a Turkey.  Unfortunately I didn’t get the Turkey in the fryer early enough so the turkey was more a dessert.  However it was done & juicy.

After dinner we all sat down for the “White Elephant” gift exchange.  There were some traditional gifts and some on the bizarre side as well.  We’ve all seen the gift that say “batteries not included,” well someone boxed a gift of “batteries” and enclosed it with “Gift Not Included.”  However it was all in fun and I think everyone enjoyed themselves.  Below are pictures from the nights festivities;


Dec 092018

DON’T forget our Christmas Party this year.  Once again it will be held @ the Rev’s house.  He & Antje have opened their house once again to host our Party.

On Saturday December 8th we had our monthly breakfast ride.  This month we went to KG’s on Broadway.  This must be a well liked place or our members had nothing else to do and were able to get away for a little get together.  We had a total of 18 members family & friends attend.  Those who were fortunate to spend the morning together were: Frank B., Ken McC., Bruce D., Lois C & Bill G., Sandy M., Gary A., John H., Twan & Fonda V., Alan S & Susan W., Jim K., Robi & Bear C., along with our newest member Tom & Rebecca T, and of course yours truly.  We did have a little shenanigans with Jim K and Robi C.  Here are pictures of those who made our December Breakfast: