Jan 142018

On Saturday January 13th we had our FIRST breakfast ride of 2018.  Our breakfast was at the Vail Steakhouse in Benson.  We had a GREAT turnout for our first ride of the year.  Thirteen members and family made the ride.  We even had a visiting Blue Knight from OR II Ray McNeely.  Ray and his wife live in Sierra Vista during the winter.  Those who made the ride were Gary A, Twan & Fonda, Ray McNeely, Robert P, Alan & Susan, Terry A, Ed S, Jim K, Al T, Ken Mc, and yours truly.  Not only did we have a great breakfast we also had two other motorcycle groups enjoying breakfast as well.  The Blue Iron, a Corrections Officers Group out of Sierra Vista as well as a group of Buffalo Soldiers.  Here are a few pictures of our guests as well as their rides parked outside.


Dec 032017

On Saturday December 2nd we had an impromptu breakfast ride.  On this ride we had Norm N., Pat S, Bruce D., Twan & yours truly.  Both Bruce and Patrick rode up from Green Valley.  We had decided to take a ride to Fitz’s Cafe in Queens Valley.  We departed and headed up 77 to 79 where we drove through the Historic town of Florence in Pinal County.  It should be called Penal County with all their prisons.  They have a city jail, State Prison, Federal Prison, and the Department of Homeland Security Detention Facility.  From there we head to US 60 where we crossed over 60 and went through some one-up back desert roads to get to Fitz’s Cafe & Pit Stop.  We enjoyed a great breakfast and talked with the locals.  The waitress told us that they actually close up in April after all the snowbirds leave for the summer.  The locals all ride around in ATV’s and golf carts.  They even rent ATV’s in Queens Valley.  We then departed Fitz’s and went out the front way back to US 60.  From there we went east to Superior and 177 where we headed south through the Asarco Ray Mine in Kearny, Hayden, and then a stop in Winkelman for fuel.  Then we headed back down 77 toward home.  We passed through Dudleyville.  We all parted ways after turning on La Canada from Tangerine.  Here are a few pictures of the riders, rides, and the restaurant.


Nov 122017

On Saturday November 11th we had our monthly breakfast ride.  This month’s ride was at KG’s Cafe on Grant Road.    We had a rather large crowd for our breakfast this month.  We had 13 members, friends, and family make the ride.  Those who attended were: Al, Bud, Ken, Rev, Stan, Frank, Alan & Susan, Terry, Twan & his friend (forgot name), your truly, and last but not least Jim K.  This was Jim’s first day back in the saddle  He had shoulder and bicep surgery that has kept him off his ride for months.  Welcome back Jim!!!!!!!  Here are a few pictures of our group.


Oct 162017

We had our monthly breakfast ride at Vail Steakhouse on Saturday the 14th.  Those who made the ride were:

Alan & Susan, Twan & Fonda, Big Al, Bruce, Bud, Mike & Anita, Norm & Mary, along with Frank & Kate.  Also joining our breakfast ride were Bo & Julie, and Ron & Sheryl.  They came as friends of Mike & Anita.  I understand that Bo works with the Fort Huachuca Police Department and might be interested in joining our Chapter.  Here are a few pictures of our members and guests at the Vail Steakhouse.



Aug 132017

Our monthly breakfast ride was held at the Vail Steakhouse this month.  Those in attendance were; Stan, Mel & Marsha, John, Jim, Al, Bud, and Terry. 

After breakfast Stan, John, and Bud took a ride.  Here is a synopsis of their ride as written by Stan. 

We had a small group for breakfast. Afterward John Bud, and I took a ride. We rode south on the Sonoita Highway. We rode west on 82 through Patagonia, continuing to W River Rd. We went north to Via Frontera, then west on Ruby Rd to I-19. We headed north on 19 and stopped at the Rest Area north of Arivaca Junction. It was a good place to stop for a talk before we continued to Tucson. John said it was the longest ride he has been on since he had been plagued with back and shoulder problems. It was good to see him enjoying the ride. John and I were going to head east on Sahuarita Rd to Houghton Rd, then north for home. Bud was going to continue north on I-19 to head home and parted ways at the Sahuarita Rd exit. John dropped off Houghton Rd at Golf Links and when I arrived at home, I had ridden 164 miles that morning. I am sure Bud had ridden many more than that.