Ron Friend

Dec 012019

On Sunday December 1st Renegade Classics had their Annual Santa Claus Toy Run.  Once again they did not disappoint.  If you were not at breakfast before with Twan, Rev, Frank, Jim and Ann P from Ont VIII, and yours truly there were PLENTY of donuts and coffee at Renegades.

While some of our members rode under the color of the ALR or Patriot Guard we had quite a few people attend.  Those who made the ride were Frank B., Jim & Ann P., Mike & Sylvia S., Rev., Susan S., Lois C. & Bill G., Chuck F., Robi & Bear C., and yours truly.


Oct 302019

On Monday October 28th Police Officers from around the area met at Tucson Harley Davidson for a Memorial Ride for our Fallen TPD Police Officers.  After a short ride briefing by Carl Lewis 22 bikes, 28 people and one chase vehicle, along with Stan T., Twan V., Chuck F., and yours truly headed off west on I-10 to Twin Peaks, east on Tangerine, then north on Oracle.  After a short stop in Winkleman for fuel and a break we continued north to US-60 to Globe, left to Irene’s Real Mexican Food.  After a nice lunch and chat time with friends we all headed in our separate directions back to Tucson. Twan, Chuck, myself, and three TPD officer continued west through Miami, and Superior back down US 177 back to Winkleman.  We stopped there again for a short break, then south on Oracle to our respective homes.  Here are some photos of the days ride.


Oct 202019

On Saturday October 20th Frank B., and I rode in the Arizona Fallen Hero Memorial Ride (C.O.P.S).  We started at the Desert Diamond Casino.  Our first stop was at the Memorial for Officer John Walker, Badge # 150, who was killed on November 30, 1979.  A reading was given surrounding the circumstances of his death by a Chaplain and a wreath was laid on his Marker.  Next were the Markers of one of our Founding Members of the Blue Knights AZ IX Chapter, John Blaser, Badge # 2916, and David Gabrielli, Badge # 1231, who were killed on August 31st 1990.  At the same location was the Marker for Juan Cruz Badge # 3111.  A reading was given surrounding the circumstances of his death by a Chaplain and a wreath was laid on their Markers.  Our next stop was at the Marker for Ed Rebel Badge # 233 who was killed on June 28, 1988.  A reading was given surrounding the circumstances of his death by a Chaplain and a wreath was laid on his Marker.  Our next stop was at the Markers for Officers Thomas McNeff, Badge # 1798, and Richard Stratman Badge # 1622, who were killed on October 9, 1983.  A reading was given surrounding the circumstances of his death by a Chaplain and a wreath was laid on their Markers.  Then we returned to Tucson Harley Davidson on Ina Rd where we waited for other rides from Nogales and Yuma to return.

Here are a few pictures from the Event.




Oct 122019

On Saturday October 12th we had our monthly breakfast ride.  This month we went to Sandy’s Restaurant & RV Park in Pearce, Az.  We met @ TTT Truck Stop and headed south.  Those who made breakfast were: Twan V., Steve E., Jim K., Terry A., Stan T., Frank B., Bear & Robi C., Susan W., and yours truly.  Here are few photos we took at breakfast.



After breakfast a few of us decided to ride home through Gleeson to see the jail, then on through Tombstone, to get gas, Sonoita, and then home.  We had the BEST opportunity ever by getting to the jail just as the curator was getting ready to leave.  However he stayed open while we walked through the jail.  Normally it is closed and by pure luck someone was there.  However this day we were LUCKY.  Here are a few photos from the INSIDE of the jail.

Door to door, my mileage for the day was:  285 miles and I live on the far northwest side off of Thornydale.






More photo’s provided by Stan T.


Sep 252019

After the convoluted on again, off again, and then on again dinner ride due to the severe thunderstorms that took over Tucson on Tuesday September 24th we actually had eight members and family attend.  Those who enjoyed dinner were:Stan & Patti Thibaut,Bruce and Bonnie Distler, Chuck Farrell, and our NEWEST Honorary Members Lois Cunningham and Bill Garris, AND yours  truly.  Unfortunately Stan & Patti had to leave before I was able to include them in the pictures. 

We also ran into Tony Sanell, one of our previous members who was there having dinner with a friend.

Here are a few photos of dinner.


Sep 122019

On Tuesday August 27th the following members and family made our monthly dinner ride to BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse.   Here are the beautiful people who braved the heat to attend our August dinner.  Bonni & Bruce Distler, Alan Stewart & Susan Wagner, Bear & Robi Campbell, Frank Brunetti, & Jim Kneup. 



Aug 292019

We had a smal group of riders for breakfast on Saturday the 10th @ Jethro’s, only 18,

Those present were: Chuck Farrell, Bruce & Bonni Distler, Susan Wagner & Alan Stewart, Twan Vander Sanden, John J Howe Jr. , Bob Ferrier, Terry Azbill, Steve Empey, Frank Brunetti , John Falzone, Bear & Robi Campbell, Stan & Patti Thibaut along with Stan’s daughter, and Special guests & AZBKIX almost newest members Ray & Chris Hardyman.  Here are a few pics from brekfast.